Bellini Yacht is synonymous with intelligent design and navigation. It combines refined aesthetics with functionality and attention to detail.



B Atelier is where creativity meets technical precision to bring exclusive yachts into existence. With a team of expert designers, artisans, and highly skilled technicians, we are dedicated to crafting tailor-made projects for each client. Every detail, from elegant finishes to innovative onboard systems, is crafted to offer cutting-edge sailing experiences enveloped in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

At our Atelier, it’s not just about building boats; it’s about crafting floating works of art that mirror the lifestyle and aspirations of every client. We guide our clients, providing personalized consultation and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every yacht that leaves our shipyard is a timeless masterpiece.




Bellini Yacht is committed to maintaining a timeless standard of excellence that celebrates artistry, craftsmanship, design and intelligent boating. We aspire to be a benchmark in the yachting industry, combining refined aesthetics with functionality and attention to detail.



rational beauties

Sophisticated and functional. We take inspiration from nature and space. The feeling is one of being outdoors, with a seamless fusion of enclosed and open spaces, imperceptible in transition. The design and meticulous attention to both interior and exterior elements are consistent with a minimalist style. Lines and elements are meant to be iconic and the common thread of future collections. Iconic and timeless style.

Minimalism and Exclusivity: A minimalist approach with no prominent logos or overt branding. The brand is based on high-quality craftsmanship and the creation of distinctive and refined products that speak for themselves without the need for excessive promotion.

Through the use of special paints, high-quality handcrafted upholstery, fine details, refined fabrics, selected materials and distinctive scents, the possibilities for customization are virtually unlimited. Each choice is carefully curated together with our designers in order to guarantee an end result characterized by sophisticated elegance and recognizable Italian style.

Thanks to the craftsmanship skills developed through years of experience and numerous collaborations with artists and designers, B Atelier offers clients a complete customization service, accompanying them in the decision-making process and in the development of a yacht that represents the essence of the owner.