Rational Elegance

Madness and


We embrace the philosophy of whispered luxury, distinguished by a minimal and iconic style that does not need to be flaunted or explained, but rather perceived and experienced through welcoming, comfortable and elegant lines and environments.


Yacht addict

since 1960

The journey resumes from its origin, following the natural path laid out in the 1960s by Battista Bellini, the founder, who dedicated himself to wooden boat production until 1982. Since then, Bellini Nautica has expanded its expertise, adhering to a philosophy that merges art and innovation.

Bellini Yacht embodies the essence of rational space utilization and the purity of minimalist design. At the core of the brand’s philosophy lies the optimization of spaces, a journey that transcends mere functionality to embrace a refined aesthetic.
Every detail seeks subtle elegance, inviting contemplation of the harmony between form and function. Bellini Yacht vessels are not mere means of transportation but places where the beauty of design meets technological innovation. Premium materials and innovative solutions are not just stylistic choices but expressions of a broader vision, a fusion aimed at creating an experience that goes beyond the tangible.


B Atelier represents our exclusive customization program designed to give each boat a unique touch by our owners.

Through the use of special paints, high-quality handcrafted upholstery, fine details, exquisite fabrics, selected materials and distinctive scents, the possibilities for customization are virtually limitless. Each choice is carefully curated together with our designers in order to guarantee an end result characterized by sophisticated elegance and recognizable Italian style.

Thanks to the craftsmanship skills developed through years of experience and numerous collaborations with artists and designers B Atelier offers clients a complete customization service, accompanying them in the decision-making and development of a yacht that represents the essence of the owner.